Half Bath Renovation Process

It all began when we thought we could just strip the wallpaper and then repaint the bathroom. But then this happened.  .  . gasp!!
The we took a look at that vinyl boarding and evaluated it's worth....

And this vanity just had to go...

So, We decided to gut the whole room and start over:
In the process, we found that the AC port that was suppose to pump into the upstairs was NEVER connected!! Proof of the bottles we found in the space under the stairs showed the men who built the place must have had a pepsi break and then just call it a day and board up the space ;)

Here's a shot of Alex installing the insulated line to the upstairs.

Here's Greg looking at the opening with no proper duct work.
The evidence of the beverage break and reason for the shotty job done on the AC line ;)
After getting all new drywall up, paint, trim, new pedestal sink, light, and new hardware - we're through!
Here are some of the final shots!
Please excuse the crinkled towels ;)

sconce via school house electric

All new trim! Before the bathroom had none.

Check out those new floors! You'll see them flood from this room on into the
mudroom and laundry room (post coming soon!)

It was a good bit of work! But we're happy with our simple, calm bathroom.

- Alex and Jesse

Bonus Room

Construction was completed yesterday for the brick wall.  We are so excited at all the light coming into our bonus room as well as the visual appeal over the original.  Drywall begins today, after that well be saving for hardwood floors.

TV Room Window Renderings

We received some "Savannah" style windows from a friend and we are excited to see them put into the converted garage.  Ultimately we'd like to add some green space too.  Jesse said my plant rendering looked like some Christmas trees shook off their lights!
Window Mock-Up
w/ Plants


New Lights!

We finally came to a conclusion on some lights for the front door. It was a tough purchasing decision! Considering the fact that the ONLY lights we liked were way out of our price range, we decided to hop off cloud 9 and find the closest thing we could to the expensive, iron lights we were falling in love with.

Here's a look at the journey we took, from dinky little gold sconces, to boxy iron fixtures.

Here's a shot of the original sconces. (Mind you only the right one worked . . .)

Here's Alex hard at work. I'm usually feeling pretty useless during these projects.


And here they are! (now let's take care of those bushes, they're ridiculously lopsided)

These shots are without the glass that is meant to be installed to all four side panels.
We just really didn't like the bubble glass that came with the lights.

Here's a shot of the glass that came with the lights.
We plan to get some clear glass cut to size to finish up the lights.
Will post pics of the final product soon!
Man, that new white door frame is REALLY sticking out like a sore thumb. . . Need to tend to that. (add that to my list)
Oh, and I don't know if you noticed, but we ripped off those stuck on shutters! Much cleaner

Railing Removal

Starting with the sawzall, cut the screws.  Use a crowbar to pry out the railing flange.
This helped give the saw blade room to cut efficiently.

Once the screws were separated from the wall, we wiggled the railing very carefully.
This was done to minimize the damage to the existing brick and mortar.
The post next to my left foot slid out with ease,
yet the one going into the ground had to be cut with the sawzall.
It and its concrete base was dug up after the railing was gone. (not pictured)

Next step - LIGHTS!

some much needed mulch

After getting our new doors in, I looked around at our sad landscaping beds and decided they needed a little attention.
Home Depot was having a promotion on mulch so I took advantage and spruced up the front of the house!

Next steps; some awesome new lights and paint!

Anybody out there opposed to painting brick? Cause I'm so tempted to make it happen . . .