Half Bath Renovation Process

It all began when we thought we could just strip the wallpaper and then repaint the bathroom. But then this happened.  .  . gasp!!
The we took a look at that vinyl boarding and evaluated it's worth....

And this vanity just had to go...

So, We decided to gut the whole room and start over:
In the process, we found that the AC port that was suppose to pump into the upstairs was NEVER connected!! Proof of the bottles we found in the space under the stairs showed the men who built the place must have had a pepsi break and then just call it a day and board up the space ;)

Here's a shot of Alex installing the insulated line to the upstairs.

Here's Greg looking at the opening with no proper duct work.
The evidence of the beverage break and reason for the shotty job done on the AC line ;)
After getting all new drywall up, paint, trim, new pedestal sink, light, and new hardware - we're through!
Here are some of the final shots!
Please excuse the crinkled towels ;)

sconce via school house electric

All new trim! Before the bathroom had none.

Check out those new floors! You'll see them flood from this room on into the
mudroom and laundry room (post coming soon!)

It was a good bit of work! But we're happy with our simple, calm bathroom.

- Alex and Jesse

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