New Lights!

We finally came to a conclusion on some lights for the front door. It was a tough purchasing decision! Considering the fact that the ONLY lights we liked were way out of our price range, we decided to hop off cloud 9 and find the closest thing we could to the expensive, iron lights we were falling in love with.

Here's a look at the journey we took, from dinky little gold sconces, to boxy iron fixtures.

Here's a shot of the original sconces. (Mind you only the right one worked . . .)

Here's Alex hard at work. I'm usually feeling pretty useless during these projects.


And here they are! (now let's take care of those bushes, they're ridiculously lopsided)

These shots are without the glass that is meant to be installed to all four side panels.
We just really didn't like the bubble glass that came with the lights.

Here's a shot of the glass that came with the lights.
We plan to get some clear glass cut to size to finish up the lights.
Will post pics of the final product soon!
Man, that new white door frame is REALLY sticking out like a sore thumb. . . Need to tend to that. (add that to my list)
Oh, and I don't know if you noticed, but we ripped off those stuck on shutters! Much cleaner


  1. A few important steps still left to do. 1.) The lights are not level, so need to add some custom cut pieces of wood to level them against the brick wall.
    2.) I need to caulk the top, left and right sides to protect the wires from the elements, yet leaving the bottom open for drainage.

    Do it RIGHT not over.

  2. Im guessing you wanted bevolo.